Diagnostic Associates Ltd

Diagnostic Associates Ltd invests heavily in new and innovative products, so that our customers are able to work more effectively and efficiently, at a price that justifies their investment in the tools and services they are purchasing.


The following covers Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Products and Services.

Q1. I am having issues with my device connection to a vehicle (DoIP SST or DoIP VCI) when attempting to use the device as a Pass Thru vehicle interface?

A1. To use the DoIP SST (Pass Thru application) or the DA DoIP VCI you need to firstly download and install the DA DPDU Device Setup from our Downloads page. This will install our device drivers. Link for these drivers -  https://www.diagnostic-associates.com/pages/downloads. This is the 3rd option on the downloads page.

The most common issue people have when they say they can’t get our device to work, is normally due to Windows Firewall blocking the device. If you go to your Windows Firewall settings and turn them off, this normally resolves the issue. However, if you don't want to turn Firewall off completely, you will need to customise your Firewall settings to unblock our drivers.

If the above does not resolve your issue, then you should check what other VCI drivers are installed on your PC (If any), as Pathfinder or TOPIx Cloud will default to the first device that is installed.

So if you are using the same PC for Pathfinder or TOPIx Cloud and you have already installed VCI drivers from other manufacturer devices, then you need to uninstall them, just leaving our VCI drivers installed, in order for our device to work.

This will be the same for different manufacturers and there associated VCI drivers. So if you want to use their device and our device drivers were installed first, then our device drivers would need to be uninstalled, in order to use your device of choice. This is not a Diagnostic Associates issue, but how Pathfinder and TOPIx Cloud currently work. 

Please also ensure that if you are using TOPIx Cloud, you will need to download and install the Diagnostic Device Agent (DDA) from the Jaguar LandRover TOPIx website (found in the Links option in the footer of the TOPIx website). You will need to login to TOPIx via the DDA to run comms related diagnostics.

Please see Q7/A7 as this has more details regarding device registration and updates/making sure device is up-to-date, prior to use.


Q2. What happens if I bought the wrong device or is faulty?

A2. We acknowledge that this can happen from time to time, therefore after delivery of the device and it is realised that wrong product has been bought from us, please contact us within 14 days, so we can arrange a return and refund.

If the device is faulty, please again contact us and we will review with you. If this needs to be returned we will provide a return reference to you and other details to support a return of your device.  

In any other case, a product being returned for a different reason, this needs to be sent back to us within 14 days with a reasonable reason, in order to receive a refund.



Q3. Costs of products

A3. All product costs are shown without taxes and shipping costs. These will be shown after you add to cart and follow the checkout process to purchase your product. This is because we need to know where the product will be shipped too (if there is a shipment charge) and what taxes will need to be paid (if there are any taxes to be paid like VAT)


Q4. Import Duties

A4. Above and beyond the above taxes and shipment costs, an import duty may be applied depending upon which country/region the product is being shipped too and related to the value of products being purchased. This is not something Diagnostic Associates apply, this is something applied by your country/regional customs office.

This import duty will need to be paid by the customer. 


Q5. Shipping times based on timing of purchase.

A5. When a product is bought from our website, you are presented with shipping options which also provide timing of when you product is expected to be delivered and as a customer you can make your choice based on these options. However these timings are not strictly correct, as its only when we create the shipment (After payment capture, packaging and then creating the shipping documents) the timescales will start at that point.

In general we aim to package and ship on the same day the payment is made, however if the purchase being made is outside UK office hours (Mon to Fri: 8.00am - 4.00pm GMT), this could delay the product being delivered by one day (or even several days if purchased at a weekend). e.g. If the shipping company chosen states your product will be delivered Thursday by 10.30am, this could end up being Friday by 10.30am or even later on that day. But if you bought at a weekend there could be several days before your shipment arrives. 

Further to this we are unable to control the shipment of the products once we have created shipping documents, so unfortunately we are also at the mercy of these shipping companies as to when they pick up our products and deliver them to you and at times these timescales are not adequately met.

Therefore, for example, you may not decide to use Express options for a faster delivery, depending on where your business is located and when you purchased the product and choose cheaper delivery options instead, in order to meet your delivery expectations.

Shipments would also be delayed if orders are placed on a UK Bank Holiday.

We also may not use the shipping company of your choice, as depending on where you located, we may decide to use a different shipping company based on history of delivering products in or close to your location. At times these shipping company's have not delivered products to our customers. However we will always resend these products to you free of charge if this does happen.


Q6. Login 

A6. This feature is not actually supported. Therefore no username or password will allow logging into this site, as there is no need to login to view or purchase our products.


Q7. Registering your DoIP SST HandHeld Device (JLR00010) or checking for updates for any other device.

A7. When you receive your DoIP SST Handheld Device, you will need to register it first, in order to use the device and check if any updates have been made between the time you purchased and when you start to use your device. If you power up your DoIP SST Handheld Device to the vehicle before registering it, the device will show a screen informing you to connect up to your PC to register it, before you can use it.

To Register and update your DoIP SST Handheld Device you will need to download and install the latest DA App Hub from our downloads page first, so that when you connect the device to your PC to register it, this is the application you will need to run, to do this. 

Link to DA App Hub -  https://www.diagnostic-associates.com/pages/downloads

This is the 1st option on the downloads page

Then connect your device (via USB only) to the PC you have installed the DA App Hub on.

Even after registering your DoIP SST Handheld Device or for any other device you have purchased, you should connect to the DA App Hub regularly to check for any updates we may have made (i.e. For any fixes or new vehicle Model Years updates we have made to applications).

Note: As mentioned above when connecting your device to the DA App Hub please ensure you are connected by USB only. DO NOT connect to a Vehicle via the J1962 connector at the same time. This would be the same if you wanted to update or check for updates (rather than registering the DoIP SST) for any other devices (e.g. DoIP VCI - DAPN0166). Effectively never connect to the vehicle at the same time you are connected to the DA App Hub.

Please see Q1/A1 for connection based issues.