Diagnostic Associates Ltd

Diagnostic Associates Ltd invests heavily in new and innovative products, so that our customers are able to work more effectively and efficiently, at a price that justifies their investment in the tools and services they are purchasing.


The following covers Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Products

Q1. What happens if I bought the wrong device?

A1. We acknowledge that this can happen from time to time, therefore after delivery of the device and it is realised that wrong product has been bought from us, please contact us within 14 days, so we can arrange a return. 


Q2. Costs of products

A2. All product costs are shown without taxes and shipping costs. These will be provide once you add to cart and follow the process to purchase your product. This is because we need to know where the product will be shipped too (if there is a shipment charge) and what taxes will need to be paid (if there are any taxes to be paid like VAT)


Q3. Import Duties

A3. Above and beyond the above taxes and shipment costs, an import duty may be applied depending upon which country/region the product is being shipped too. This import duty will need to be paid by the customer.


Q4. Login 

A4. This feature is not actually supported. Therefore no username or password will allow logging into this site, as there is no need to login.