Diagnostic Associates Ltd

Diagnostic Associates Ltd invests heavily in new and innovative products, so that our customers are able to work more effectively and efficiently, at a price that justifies their investment in the tools and services they are purchasing.

Diagnostic Associates is proud to present a range of high quality, fast and cost effective diagnostic equipment to support the Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in your service bay.  For a more detailed description of each device function, click the links below.

Please note prices are excluding VAT (where applicable), shipping and import duties. Please See FAQs page for details on all these items.

We have recently added new products such as Breakout Harnesses to Monitor can traffic Jaguar Land Rover Approved GWM Service Full Cable Set and High Voltage Break Out Cables Jaguar Land Rover Approved Electric Vehicle (EV) break-out box to work safely on electric vehicles (I-Pace only). Select links for more details. 

Diagnostic Associates are the original manufacturers of all products we sell to our customers

For UK based customers please visit our UK and European distributor and tech support 'Maverick Diagnostics' https://www.maverickdiagnostics.com to purchase Diagnostic Associates products.

For Chinese based customers please visit our Chinese distributor and tech support 'Zhiche Automotive Technologies' https://www.zhiche-autotech.com to purchase Diagnostic Associates products.

For USA based customers please visit our USA distributor and tech support 'AE Tools & Computers' https://www.aetools.us to purchase Diagnostic Associates products.