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EECM J2534 VCI (OEM SAE J2534 Pass-Thru Interface)

Service Tool


  • Multi OEM J2534 PassThru device
  • Replacement for OEM VCI
  • Covers CAN and ISO9141 vehicle networks
  • Cost effective pass-thru VCI device
  • Best Suited for Legacy, Current and Future Vehicles
  • 12' USB cable as standard included
  • Easy to update for J2534 new functionality updates

  How does the EECM-Dongle get updated for future Software Updates?

The EECM-Dongle can be updated simply and easily by connecting the EECM-Dongle to a laptop/PC via the USB cable that is provided with each EECM-Dongle.

A PC software update application (DA App Hub) is available to download from the download page.  This application once downloaded and launched will be responsible for identifying what version of software is on the device, and whether a new version is available for update.

By connecting the device to the PC when the DA App Hub application is running, the application will read the device and connect over the internet to determine if an updated software is available and download this to the device if a newer version exists.  This process takes approximately 3 minutes to complete.  The device will then be updated and ready to be used on the vehicle.

The EECM VCI is compatible with the following vehicle lines:

            Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW (E-Series), Mercedes Benz, VAG Group, BMW Mini, Toyota