Diagnostic Associates Ltd

Diagnostic Associates Ltd invests heavily in new and innovative products, so that our customers are able to work more effectively and efficiently, at a price that justifies their investment in the tools and services they are purchasing.

JLR00010 - JLR-00005-DoIP SST for Pathfinder and TOPIx Cloud

JLR00010 - JLR-00005-DoIP SST for Pathfinder and TOPIx Cloud
Saves time, saves money, makes sense

Diagnostic Associates are proud to present a range of high quality, fast and cost effective diagnostic equipment to support Jaguar Land Rover current, future and legacy vehicles.

From Pass Thru VCIs to work with SDD, Pathfinder and TOPIx Cloud, to applications which can be run stand alone on ergonomically handheld devices, such as DTC Read and Clear, Service Oil Indicator Reset, Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration,  Diesel Exhaust Fluid measurement, Electronic Park Brake Release and many more.

Diagnostic Associates are the original manufacturers of all products we sell to our customers

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Diagnostic Associates specialise in supplying engineering development related products and services to the automotive and other related industries.

Diagnostic Associates consists of a team of highly motivated engineers and technicians, which bring together many years experience in the automotive industry.

Our development teams are skilled in many areas, and are continually exploring new and emerging technologies to assist our clients to deliver high quality products and services to their market place.

With a wide and varied range of engineering development skills, we have the ability to provide tailored made solutions to assist your business needs.

This can be from a consultancy level through to product or service delivery.

Our main business activities are centred around the development of automotive diagnostics and equipment, workshop diagnostic tools, vehicle development engineering, vehicle manufacturing engineering, service support, the development of bespoke software applications and the development of automotive related products and tools.

Our Hours of Operation are Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm GMT