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JLR SST Jaguar Land Rover Small Service Tool (For CAN based vehicles)

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Jaguar Land Rover Approved device

  • The following applications operate stand alone without the need to connect to an approved system or PC. These applications, which are included in the price of this device, are for CAN based vehicles only (NOT DoIP) :-

  •  - DEF
  •  - DPFDR
  •  - EPBR
  •  - Oil Level
  •  - SIR
  •  - TM Toggle
  •  - TTM Toggle
  •  - Force Ignition

Diagnostic Associates are the original manufacturers of this product.

    The JLR SST is a simple to use hand-held device designed to allow the service technician to quickly and simply carry out general daily service functions using applications approved by Jaguar Land Rover. 

    The JLR SST hand-held device operates independently without any need to be connected to the approved diagnostic system or a PC.  The JLR SST hand-held device connects directly to the vehicle via the diagnostic connector and can be controlled using the keypad.

    For Jaguar Land Rover franchised retailers the JLR SST collects feedback session data from the vehicles you connect to.  This data is sent back to Jaguar Land Rover when you connect to the App Hub software to check for updates.  To ensure the data is sent back regularly the JLR SST prompts you to connect to the App Hub software when necessary. 

    Vehicle coverage (Where applicable) for the CAN (Not DOiP) based applications above, are as follows:- 

     Land Rover Usage/Models:

    • Freelander 2 (L359)
    • Land Rover Discovery (L319)
    • Land Rover Discovery Sport (L550)
    • Range Rover (L322)
    • Range Rover (L405)
    • Range Rover Evoque (L538)
    • Range Rover Sport (L320)
    • Range Rover Sport (L494)

    Jaguar Usage/Models:

    • F-Type (X152)
    • F-Pace (X761)
    • XE (X760)
    • XF (X250)
    • XF (X260)
    • XJ (X351)
    • XK (X150)​

    Approved Jaguar & Land Rover Vehicle Application List

    JLR SST Service Applications


    Description of Operation

    SIR – Service Interval Reset

    This application resets the service light and/or oil change reset depending on the vehicle. 

    EPBR – Electronic Park Brake Release

    Moves the electronic park brake to the mount position and then releases the brake callipers.

    DPFDR – DPF Dynamic Regeneration

    The DPFDR application allows the vehicles DPF dynamic regeneration process to be undertaken to clear the DPF of soot build up.

    Oil Level Measurement Displays current engine oil level instantaneously on screen with a bar graph and actual levels.
    Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) Allows the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF or AdBlue®) level to be constantly monitored, and displays the amount required to refill the tank.
    TM Toggle – Transport Mode Toggle The Transport Mode Toggle application allows the vehicle to be placed in and out of Transport mode including speed limit and air suspension depending on vehicle variant.
    TTM Toggle – Tight Tolerance Mode Toggle The Tight Tolerance Mode Toggle application allows the vehicle to be placed in and out of Tight Tolerance mode depending on vehicle variant.
    Force Ignition The Force Ignition Application turns the vehicles ignition on and holds it in the on position for as long as the JLR SST is connected to the vehicle and the application is running.