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12 Months Update Subscription for DA-Dongle DPFDR Application for Jaguar Land Rover

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The DA-Dongle DPFDR application clears the Diesel Particulate Filter using one of the two modes of operation below:

Method 1 - DPF Adaptions Reset

  • IGN ON – Engine not running – The Dongle will clear the adaptions to so DPFDR Drive cycle can begin. STS LED will be flashing green then solid green with beep once complete.

Method 2 – DPF Dynamic Regeneration

  • IGN ON – Engine running – The Dongle will begin DPFDR drive cycle similar to SDD.
    • When the engine is up to temperature (60°C) the dongle will beep for 3 seconds every 10 seconds until the road speed is greater than 40KPH. The dynamic regeneration will then begin.
    • The Dongle will emit a short beep increasing in frequency as the soot mass level drops. 
    • When the soot mass falls below 6 grams a constant beep will be heard, and the STS LED will show solid green.
    • It should take approximately 15 minutes to complete (when the vehicle is driven above 40 KPH).

12 Months Update Subscription allows access to any new vehicles or model year updates Diagnostic Associates release within that period.

To ensure you get the most out of your DA-Dongle DPFDR we recommend you continue to receive updates by taking out 12 Months Update Subscription for each of your DA-Dongle DPFDR devices.

Please ensure you provide the serial number of your DA-Dongle DPFDR device at checkout for us to update your subscription.

Please note: DA-Dongle DPFDR is not included